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Kelly Hopter Interiors

Elegant Living Room Design

The first go round was two years ago, when we moved into our new home and I got down the basics of how I wanted to decorate. I solved the key issues of furniture placement and how I wanted each room to function, as well as setting the general tone of design style.

In the interim, we tackled some larger renovations like the kitchen makeover and butler’s pantry, but as time passed and those projects got completed, I started to look at my living areas and knew they were ready for some refinement. As we got acquainted with the house, my design vision crystalized and I’ve been itching to start fine tuning.

Last year I started with some updates to the dining room, but the family room still eluded me. I’ve been wanting to get it right for a while now and I think I’m finally close. The best part is, all it took was a few simple changes to make all the difference in the world.